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ONE POINT FIVE refers to the IPPC target of keeping global heating under 1.5 degrees. We take a rigorous approach to delivering beautiful, convivial architecture that recognises our planetary boundaries.

Our urban design work focusses on increasing densities to create walkable, sociable places; our detailed understanding of planning and typology unlocking the development capacity of each site.

The right building materials can help us move toward a regenerative economy by locking up carbon in the building structure and benefit human health by improving indoor air quality. The energy use of buildings can be slashed using the Passivhaus methodology.



Passivhaus, or Passive House, is a methodology for delivering buildings - of all kinds - that are comfortable thoughout the year, while using a fraction of the energy for heating/cooling of a typical new build. And it’s proven: the detailed modelling, testing and certification process ensures that buildings actually perform as designed, closing the ‘performance gap’ that best previous ideas of eco-house design.

Director George Morgan is a Certified Passivhaus Designer. We recommend Passivhaus for all our new build projects, and where suitable its cousin Enerfit for low-energy refurbishments.